Our story:

The story takes at first its source in my childhood memories: the passion of the earth, vines and the respect for our Mother Earth, I hold these values from my grandfather. Summers spent with him, in lands and on the tractor to carry the harvest.... In the evening, my grand-parents used to prepare the "mourres" salad (wild salad which has the particularity to curl up as soon as it is cut on its base) with a vinaigrette made of garlic, tomato and olive oil, to accompany the potato cooked in the chimney…these memories are still representing for me full moments of flavours and eternal sensations.....

After several experiences which moved me closer to the vine and wine world, the dream was realized in early 2009 by the purchase of 5 hectares. The identity of our domain was found after a family day spent with our parents and children in our vineyard to collect – it was our turn - this "mourres" salad, so that the emotions of the past revive in the present, and finally pass on to our children the taste of the passions because Clos des Mourres is also a love story....


In 2012 we extended our domain to the vineyards around our farm in Vaison la Romaine (around 10 hectars) belonging to the family of Ingrid. We produce there "A Table!", "Petit Mesclun" and "NoVice". In 2013 we will also produce a white and a new red cuvée.



The Terroir

The vineyard consists in 5 hectars located on the north-west hillside of the Col du Débat between Cairanne and Saint Roman de Malegarde.

The parcels are situated on chalky and clayey soils at an altitude between 200 and 280 meters.

We extend the domaine in 2012 with 10 hectars situated around our house/cellar in Vaison la Romaine.


In the vineyard

We are craftsman winegrower, because the term “craftsman” implies that we work manually, but especially farmer, because I chose to work the Earth, and in a natural way.

We found an answer and solutions to our personal convictions in the biodynamie: getting healthy and living soils, favoring the exchanges between roots and soils thanks to microorganisms. It is, in our opinion, the only way to get the pure expression of the terroir.


All our work is planned according to the lunar calendar, respecting the growth cycles of vines. We spray concoctions of compost and silica. Soils are ploughed twice or 3 times a year.

The phytosanitary protection of the vineyard is covered by the use of sulfur and a minimum of copper.






































































In the Cellar

The harvest is hand-picked in grape-boxes, after a selective picking in the parcels.

The grapes are partially destemmed and vatted without pumping.

Fermentation is starting in a natural way, thanks to indigenous yeasts, after a cold maceration of few days. Each tank are evoluating at its own pace: the vatting are lasting about 3 weeks. We are doing some punching of the cap and pumping over without aeration to keep more fruits aromas.

The ageing is done in cement tank for 8 months.

The wines are racking once before bottling, and are not filtered.


The bottling has been settled according the lunar calendar



We are offering 7 wines:

* Pompette Red

* Pompette white


* "A Table!" Vin de France red 2013



* "Petit Mesclun" Vin de France rosé 2013


* A Cotes du Rhone "NoVice" Red 2013



* A "Tandem" Cotes du Rhone Villages 2012 produced on the site of Saint Roman de Malegarde


* A Cotes du Rhone Villages CAIRANNE 2013










We would be happy to welcome and meet you at home/our winery. You can reach us on:

Tel: +33 975 464 310

or Cell: +33 674 659 832 or +33 607 510 670

or by email at closdesmourres@orange.fr to arrange a meeting.